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Q. Where were the Hawaiian shirts from Romeo + Juliet purchased? Can I find them online?
A. The fabric was designed by me and custom hand-painted by a talented team in Mexico City.
Q. Are the Agent’s suits from the Matrix black or dark green?

A. They are dark green.

Q. What shoes do the villagers in Shang-Chi wear?
A. The shoes for the villagers were made in our workroom by combining the base of a boxing hog with a custom bootie upper.
Q. Where can I find the white shirt that Tony Leung wears in Shang-Chi?
A. All of Tony’s shirts were made by ANTO Custom Shirts in Los Angeles. They have a VERY long history of making custom shirts for Hollywood and Washington, DC.
Q. Where can I find Shang-Chi’s bomber jacket?
A. The entire jacket was made in house so we could choose custom colors. It is a reversible jacket. 
Q. Why does Awkwafina wear a Jerusalem t-shirt and a hamsa in Shang-Chi?
A. We shopped a lot of vintage clothes and t-shirts for our BG stock. Nora, one of the costumers, was drawn to that particular shirt, and I liked that it fit into her wider world of reference. The hamsa stands for blessings, power, and strength. All the things she brings to the character. 
Q. What fabrics were used to make Li’s dress from Shang-Chi (from when she first meets Wenwu). Who made the dress?
A. Our textile artist Esther Marquis beautifully dyed the silk fabric purchased from Oriental Silks in Los Angeles for Li’s dress. Esther is an amazing artist and is now the costume designer on “For All Mankind (2022). 
Q. What advice would you give to an aspiring costume designer?
A. Work on a theater production or MANY if you can. Keep photos and reviews of your work. Contact film schools and offer to design student films. Get paid, ask questions, listen hard and be the solution not the problem. The more you work, the more you work. 
Q. Who made Blake Lively’s bathing suit in “The Shallows?”
A. We made many, many custom swimsuits in house. The wetsuits were custom made in Australia. 
Q. Where can I find Neo’s coat from The Matrix?
A. All of Neo’s coats were custom made. There were actually several versions of the coats – each with a different interior that allowed for different types of stunt harnesses. 
Q. What was the inspiration behind Li’s mask in Shang-Chi?
A. Based on a Chinese traditional field hat. We wanted the mask to hide the fact that she was a woman forest guardian. 
Q. Where can I find the Oracle’s jacket from The Matrix?
A. The jacket was custom made in house. 
Q. What type of fabric was used to make Neo’s coat in Matrix Reloaded?
A. Woven Silk Linen. 
Q. Were Gwen Stacy’s wardrobe pieces in Amazing Spider-Man custom-made or shopped?
A. It was 50/50 between custom pieces made in house and shopped pieces. 
Q. How did you make the sweaters for the ‘unplugged’ humans in The Matrix?
A. Matrix 1, 2 &3 – Real world sweaters were made by a knitting circle of mothers, grandmothers, and friends in the costume department at Fox Studios in Sydney, Australia. I wanted each one to have its own personality, we should believe that they are handed down and repaired as time passes. 
More Q&A coming soon….Keep checking back for more answers!

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